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By Dentistry on University
July 27, 2015
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Dental crowns bring new life back to your natural teeth.

As your downtown Toronto dentist will tell you, teeth work best as a full set. Even just one missing or damaged natural tooth can impair Crowns Downtown Torontotalking and eating. Fortunately, Dr. Gina Lee has the skills and experience necessary to treat these problems with dental crowns, a relatively easy way to restore the function and beauty of natural teeth. Here, Dr. Lee answers a few questions she often hears from her patients about dental crowns in Toronto.

What are dental crowns?

Like the royal headgear, crowns are placed on the top most part of your tooth. Sometimes called caps, these ceramic, porcelain or metal restorations provide a protective barrier around a natural tooth that has been damaged due to injury or decay. Once your downtown Toronto dentist has taken the measurements needed, crowns are made in a laboratory to look exactly like natural teeth.

Why do I need a crown?

If decay has advanced into the inner tissues of a tooth, it may be too weak to sustain a simple filling. Adult teeth with extensive wear may need their biting or chewing surfaces reinforced. Crowns are also the finishing touch of a dental implant; these are used to replace lost natural teeth. A variety of problems can occur from the loss of just one tooth, including decay and shifting of the remaining teeth. Dental implants hold crowns in place and restore support and function to the space where the natural tooth once was.

Do crowns hurt?

Crowns themselves actually help to alleviate discomfort associated with missing or damaged teeth. Severely decayed teeth may have nerve damage that causes intense pain. When these teeth are repaired with a crown, the vast majority of your downtown Toronto dentist Dr. Lee's patients are thrilled to be comfortable at last. The preparation of a tooth for a crown usually requires anesthesia, but your downtown Toronto dentist has many options in place to help diminish any pain or anxiety associated with this procedure.

Dental crowns help you maintain optimal dental health. Talk to your downtown Toronto dentist, Dr. Lee, about how these restorations can give you a full, healthy smile again!

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