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By Dentistry on University
February 04, 2015
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Teeth Whitening Downtown Toronto CALike it or not, your smile says a lot about you, and people will judge you based on whether your smile is white and bright or dirty or dingy. Don't let a yellowed smile give people the wrong impression. Visit the best dentist in Toronto, ON - Dentistry on University - and get your teeth shades whiter with in-office teeth whitening today!

Why Not To Use Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Solutions

Sure, you could just go to the drug store and pick up an over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment. The problem with over-the-counter treatments, however, is that they rarely offer real results. Even after weeks of faithful use, the results are often marginal, and they don't last long either. That is why, if you want real, amazing results, you need professional in-office teeth whitening.

Here at Dentistry on University, we don't just clean your teeth a little bit. We use the latest and greatest teeth whitening procedures and ingredients to give you a shining smile you can be proud to show off. The whitening we offer in-office isn't available in stores. If you're in Toronto and ready to look and feel amazing, you'll want to schedule an appointment with us.

Over-The-Counter Whitening Treatment Can Do Harm

Another fact about over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments most people don't know? They can actually cause more harm to your dental health than good! It's true. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are very abrasive, and can wear away at your teeth over time. Not only is this bad for your oral health, but it can also lead to more staining in the future.

Just because you can whiten your teeth at home doesn't mean you should. If you want safe, fact and effective results, you need to visit Dentistry on University. Let us show you how amazing you'll look in your brand new smile. You'll be glad you did.

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