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Our team of dental specialists and staff strive to improve the overall health of our patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions associated with your teeth and gums. Please use our dental library to learn more about dental problems and treatments available. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us.

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Orthodontic Teeth Movement in Downtown Toronto, CA
...In a way, braces are the original “smile makeover...

Spice Up Your Teeth
... Some people opt for a “smile makeover” that uses small irregularities in the spacing and color of teeth to create a more “natural” look...

3 Steps to a Better Bite and a More Attractive Smile
...You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “The Magic of Orthodontics: The Original Smile Makeover...

Baseball's Francisco Lindor Shines as "Mr. Smile"
...You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Beautiful Smiles by Design” and “The Impact of a Smile Makeover...

Mike Tyson: The Prizefighter Prizes His Unique Smile
...And if, like Mike Tyson, you have a gap between your teeth that makes your smile unique, there's no reason to give that up if you opt for a smile makeover...

Zac Efron's Smile Transformation Could Happen to You
...Before and after pictures, though, make it quite apparent that the actor has undergone a significant smile makeover...

The Disappearing Tooth Gap - Michael Strahan Pulls an Epic April Fool's Prank
...If you would like more information about a "smile makeover," please contact us or schedule a consultation...

Correcting a Poor Bite With Braces - a True Wonder
...It may seem we're only realigning teeth to produce a more attractive smile—which they can do and why we often refer to braces as the "original smile makeover...

4 Great Ways to Improve Your Smile
...That's why orthodontics is widely regarded as the "Original Smile Makeover...

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